Screening / Early detection

Here is an overview of screening and early detection examinations which we offer in Rastatt:

Breast cancer early detection 
Vascular diagnosis 
Stroke precaution  
Full body check up MRT  


Screening / Early detection


Using these special diagnostic measures

  • the occurrence of illness can be prevented
  • illnesses can be detected early and thus the chances of recovery are increased.

Radiology has been used in medicine for the detection of diseases since its beginnings in the 19th century. Initially, it was mainly x-rays with which different diseases were detected. Soon, x-rays became an indispensable integral part of traumatology. At this time in history, prevention had not yet been considered in radiology. The major disadvantage of x-ray is its poor low contrast resolution. This means that apart from bone and air it is barely possible to differentiate other organic tissue types from one another. X-rays can hardly be used at all for prevention or the early detection of disease.

This changed at the end of the last century with the technological development of computed tomography (CT) and above all magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The rapid technical progress, especially in radiology created the possibility of increasingly more accurate and at the same time less stressful diagnosis.


As a result, examination methods developed, especially in MRI, which helped to detect diseases whose clinical manifestations had not even occurred yet.

Choosing such a service requires the comprehensive clarification of the advantages and disadvantages of a method, its consequences and alternatives.

Many screening examinations and early detection services are only reimbursed by statutory health insurance to establish the cause of the symptoms if prior illness or current problems present a medical indication.

From a medical point of view however, screening services that are not officially reimbursable are in many cases advisable. These services must then be paid by the insured party themselves and are charged privately in accordance with the Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ - German regulation on physicians' fees).

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