Our services

The following list provides an overview of our services at Radiology Rastatt.
We cover the whole spectrum of magnetic resonance imaging and radiology and nuclear medicine diagnosis.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRT) 
Computed tomography (CT)   
Digital mammography 
Digital x-ray
Nuclear medicine  


The radiologist, as the case may be in consultation with the referring doctor and patient, will decide which method will be used in each individual case. 

Radiology is the field of medicine that deals with the use of electromagnetic radiation and mechanical waves for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging method that is used for diagnostic purposes. It is based on very strong magnetic fields as well as on alternating electromagnetic fields.

Nuclear medicine comprises the use of radioactive substances and nuclear physical methods in medicine for functional diagnosis and diagnosis of localisation as well as of open radionuclides for therapy.

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